30 Ways You Can Make Use Of Your Land (Part 1)

1. Farming

There is a lot of things you can venture into when you are farming. You can farm into chillies, cucumber, fruits, & etc.

If you love gardening and you think you have green hands – this might be for you!

Let’s take an example,

A half acre land of chilli farming with 2,000 chilli trees can make roughly RM800 per week depending on the productivity of the trees.

There will be cultivating the plants for 6 months and harvesting season for 6 months. So if you want an all year round income, you would have half portion of your chilli trees planting in the first 6 months and another half portion being harvested at one time.

And, that’s one great example of a farming activity!

There are lots more plants you can cultivate to optimize your land – you just have to plan and start!

2. Public park

Public parks are an amazing way you can use to contribute towards society, especially for neighborhoods that don’t have one.

Families and friends will be able to have a get together session, it will be a place that encourage social development.

If you are thinking of monetizing it a bit, maybe you can setup a small ice cream shop or truck with a small coffee shop on the side. It’s good way to optimize the crowd coming in your public park.

3. Lighting carnival ground

I stayed in a small town and living quite near to the city centre. Once in a while there will be various carnivals held and one of them is a lighting carnival.

It’s a great way to attract crowd and it looks pretty at night!

The fee per person would be RM8. Imagine getting 100 customers in one night – that’s RM800! You can either buy the lighting equipments from local stores or have it custom made from factories.

4. Rental house

Indeed! The most common yet proven way to increase your cash inflows. Buying a land and build many homes on it may prove to be most cost effective strategy on the long run.

Look at it this way, one apartment might cost you RM160k with average rental RM700.

Whilst, if you buy a land that costs RM100k with additional cost of RM60k to build two extra units that gives you RM600 a month each.

Have a read on 5 Traits of a good property to invest and get good rental for starters!

It’ll be better if you can find cheaper alternatives. However, this may require more cash upfront but have greater benefits in the long run.

5. Museum

You don’t need too big of a land to do this. The size of your museum depends on how big you want to scale your business.

You can have museums ranging from shoplots, double storey house, a single storey warehouse or even a bungalow lot!

Take the 3D museum located in Melaka, Malaysia. They converted the bungalow costing around RM1million and renovated it with cool and attractive 3D graphics.

And now they are earning thousands a day from thousands of tourists!

6. Reserve forest

For those nature lovers who have a land or feel like contributing their land for the good mankind – this may be a viable way to make use of your land.

You can either monetize the land for a small fee or open it for public use at no charge at all!

People can enjoy camping or hiking or even have an enjoyable stay at a cozy treehouse – depends on you.

7. Office spaces for freelancers

Businesses like these are emerging rapidly these days with various new industries being created through technology breakthroughs.

These business would surely need office spaces.

Have a look at successful businesses like Wework! They managed to propel themselves in the office space business excellently throughout the world.

8. Shop lots

Nothing can go wrong with building shoplots at your land plot except that you need to ensure what kind of businesses would run well in your area.

The world these days still rely on brick and mortar or businesses. People still love to shop around physical shops. They may start of with window shopping but will eventually escalade to real purchase if they see what they like.

According to the The Balance, consumers still prefer to shop at a physical store even with the increase in online business – however, a combination of both online and physical store attraction would skyrocket your business.

9. Wedding space

People get married everyday all year round and it’s a growing business worldwide. Greater size of growing for wedding management companies who can help provide affordable wedding packages that covers all benefits from wedding space to providing catering services, wedding cards – you name it!

(insert sta of people get married) linked with revenue of wedfing biz.

10. Corporate space

Have you ever seen a building with a branded company branding logo banner on a building?

Do you believe that’s their building?

Some yes, and some no.

Truth is, some companies leased out from the owner of the buildings. They will lease out certain floors or the whole building – it depends. But the revenue generated from leasing a whole building can translate into rm…

11. Open Garden

Feels nice if you can contribute your land to an open garden. People would be able to have an evening stroll, jog or even picnic at your garden. Not a bad idea eyy!

12. Small petting zoo

Having a land big enough to build a zoo? You don’t necessarily need to build a ginormous zoo! A small one would do if you are an animal lover. Who knows, it might attract people from other States and you might expand your zoo.

13. Fishing pond

A good idea for those who likes fishing. If you have a land big enough then you might be able to build a pond conducive enough for fishes live. It won’t be a busy business, all you need to make sure the fishes gets food, the pond is clean, and have enough space for people to fish there.

14. Glamping?!

Camping in style! That’s Glamping! It’s a luxury way of camping where people can camp in comfort. There’s the tv, the cushy sofa, kitchen, conducive toilet, and you still won’t have to part ways with nature. It’s a revolutionized and great way to spend an outdoor holiday adventure.

15. Resort

Having a land big enough and a big capital – you might be able to start a resort business. It would require a huge upfront capital but would give a steady return in the long run if you plan well and the location is great.

16. Air bnb-style homestay

Maybe you have that house somewhere on the village side or that vacation home with gorgeous view bit you seldom stayed there – maybe you can consider putting it in Air bnb. At least you can earn a side income!

17. Nursery

So you love gardening and are passionate about plants – maybe starting a plant nursery would a good fit for you. If in the event you can plant something that can provide value to the market such as chillies or pumpkins then maybe you can start a class and help other people earn a living from your knowledge and skills.

18. Coconut/Palm oil estate

If you have a land ranging 5 acres to 10 acres then this might be an ideal business for you to start – probably with a small palm oil estate. A lot of local businesses are looking for palm oil suppliers to use it in food production, biofuel and even medicines. For coconuts, you can either sell it to local coconut sellers or directly with customers.

19. Lavender estate

Nothing beats good use of land especially for a lavender farm. If you have been to Tasmania, Australia then you have to stop by and visit the Bridestowe Lavender Estate. The estate would be a good example of a lavender farm. It has a wide cover range of lavender plants, a boutique shop that sells lavender related products (soaps/perfumes/cards/etc.), and cute lavender coffee shop (selling lavender cakes, icecreams, teas, etc.). Every single day that place is crowded with tourists – be it localy and internationally.

20. Factory / Warehouse

If you have a piece of land that you can build a factory and then lease it out or sell it – why not? There is a lot of businesses out there that are looking for the best location to start with, maybe your land will fit their expectations – have a try!

21. Empty lot for rent

So you have a piece of land and you are not sure what to do. You don’t have enough money to build anything on it nor do you have any ideas how to use it. Have you tried renting it empty? you should! It’s not half bad because the tenants will know what to do so long as you know what your tenants are planning to use your land for and the fact that you get your money every month. It’s a good start for people have no idea on what to do with their vacant lands.

22. Food truck dine area

These days there is a lot if food truck business on the rise which is probably due to high cost of rental on brick and mortar stores. Having a food truck business would mean lower cost of rental/ownership but also being able to go mobile. This is a perfect opportunities for land owners to setup their land for a food truck gathering festival. Take Tapak, a venue in Kuala Lumpur that features a food truck park at night – you will receive lease payments from the food truck owners in return for them being able to conduct business in your compound or having the food truck owners working for you permanently in your company.

23. Daycare Centre

With the rise of population in the world, there is always a growing demand for schools or kindergartens. If your land is near office areas, you might want to consider opening a children daycare centre so that parents find it easier to care for their kids while they are out working – not bad eyy!

24. Charity

Some people just felt like they want to achieve a greater purpose in life – hence, putting their lands to charity allows them to feel contempt in life. There are people who give their lands to the government or the NGO for charity because these organizations have plans and knows well on how to best utilize resources for the benefits of the masses.

25. Restaurants

If you have the passion for foods and that secret recipe granny taught you and you think people will love those recipes – then this might be for you 🙂 There is a lot of cuisine choices to look for, plan well and have a go!

26. Shopping malls

Have you ever wondered why big developer companies love to build shopping malls? That’s because these developers earn a consistent high lease payments from local brands that leased with them. This also includes payment of parking lots from customers who comes in for shopping sprees.

27. Petrol stations

Though setting a petrol station would require a huge upfront capital, it might be a brilliant strategy to start one up if you have a great location (somewhere along the highway/a town with no gas stations). You can also boost your revenues by setting up few small shops on the side such as Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks to attract higher people!

28. Gym

It’s an increasing trend these days that people are going to the gym more often than they do in back in the old days. With the increasing trend on a more health conscious lifestyle especially for millennials – opening a gym is a great idea!

29. Skiing

If you own a piece of land in the snowy mountains – and a big area too! This may be an interesting proposition for you. Thousands of people look forward to skiing on mountain tops on weekends or long holidays.

30. Cinema/open theatre

An open air cinema normally have a big inflatable screen, a great sound system and a small food store providing popcorns and drinks on the side street within the cinema compound. Normally an area may have lots of indoor cinemas but they rarely have an open air ones. If you think you have a sizeable piece of land and you are not sure what to do about it then this may be your greatest answer! Who knows, you’ll be able to enjoy collecting the ticket fees and enjoy movies all night long – while slurping on cold Pepsi of course!


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