landed house vs high rise – which one is better?

For those who have lived in both types of properties must have had their fair share of opinions based on the experiences developed during their stay. Likewise, there are a lot of debates for which one is better than the other; but actually there is no right or wrong. This is because it all depends on the individual preferences and the reason for the purchase.

Many buyers have a lot of concerns in terms of which types of properties would provide the best gains in the future – or better yet, in the short run. Again, this is all relying on the purpose of the buy – whether it be for own stay or investment. In this sense, below are the general comparisons that are being outlined to help readers or as we can say “future buyers” to better imagine the bigger picture for which property types most suited for them to buy:

ConcernsLanded UnitHigh Rise Unit
PriceComparing between the landed and high rise unit in a same area, landed unit would have higher price as compared to high rise unitsComparing between the landed and high rise unit in a same area, landed unit would have higher price as compared to high rise units
SpaceBigger space and would normally have extra home areas such as yards, two floors and gated. Normally ideal for individuals with steady income or individuals with growing number of family membersSmaller space which is ideal for young workers or young couples just starting out in the working sector
SecurityUnless the area is gated and equipped with security guard services, landed properties have higher tendencies to burglary casesGenerally secured especially for apartments or condominiums with personal card functions which only allows residents to enter or exit the premise more conveniently. This is coupled with the tight security normally set at lobby section of the property
FacilitiesNormally supplied with playground and security guard services onlyOn general, newer projects will include security services, swimming pool, sports facilities, linked to shopping malls or public transport stations and many more
Rental yieldCurrently, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, rental yield would be between 2% – 4% according to The Edge Markets. On general, according to The Edge Markets, high rise properties will have better rental yield as it is equipped with better amenities, security and nearby public transports. With good investment entry based on research, buyers have higher chances of getting rental yield of above 5%
ParkingLarger parking areaMost projects allocate at least 1 car park
PrivacyProvides a much more quiet environment especially for homes that are away from the cities With the units closed to one another, we will normally be more exposed to noise level from nearby neighbors and other units across one another.
MaintenanceHigher maintenance fees as landed homes are larger in size. On top of the maintenance for home repairs (which happens but not all the time) there are other maintenance to be made especially for your garden. Still if you are in a guarded facilities, you would also have to pay the security services being renderedNormally high rise owners would normally pay maintenance fees for the securities and amenities provided in the apartment such as swimming pools, securities and garden area
Commercial titlesGenerally, landed properties will be designated under residential titleBuyers would need to check whether the units they purchased are under commercial or residential titles. Properties under commercial title will have to pay higher tax rates as compared to units under residential ones

Now that you have an overall view between landed and high rise properties, hope it helps you to choose better based on your current life options – whether to buy for own stay or for investments. Either way, there is no right or wrong. What matters is that you choose the best decisions based on your needs, your family needs, your affordability and most of all the option that makes you happy and one that would impact your life positively and the short run and the long run.

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